Disclaimer: All credit repair services are subject to consultation fees. We do not charge upfront for credit repair. Clients who pay for consultation fees will be subject to a credit check in order to evaluate the cost of their consultation fees. All clients will receive a full money back guarantee on tradelines services. If tradlines do not post on your account within 90 days we will issue a full refund. Although our services are highly effective, We cannot guarantee results of dispute letters because the debt owed on a consumer report can be legally verified by creditors. Customers can cancel out of our agreement at any time, consultation fees can only be refunded for tradelines if the tradelines don't post to your account. This disclaimer is a mutual agreement between A1 credit store & the client. All home based business packages will be non refundable unless we do not provide the services listed in the contract agreement at the time of consultation. If clients default on a scheduled payment date for any payment plan arrangement we will cancel the order and keep all funds paid towards our consultation fee with no refund. Clients who would like to continue their order at a later date will have to sign up as a new customer.